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Techincal Info:

Fiber Optics General   <>    Fibre Optics Specific   <>    All about GPS    <>  IRS <>    Laser Gyros

naaa  Basics  <>    Radio Basics     <>    ATC    <>     Fluke Manuals      <>     TDR meter   

Predictive Windshear  & EGPWS  on Wolfgang's Homepage

Military Aviation Dictionary   <>    HyperPhysics  <>    Study Engines & Propulsion NASA

HelicoptersOnly.com   <>  Rolls Royce Engines

Honeywell TCAS Info    <>  ARINC TCAS Info  <>   Navigation A to Z  FAA    <>   GPS Info   <>   Antenna Basics 

JOB-Links:  Aviation Job Search  <>  Flight International  <> Aviation Week

see also Discussion-Board on   www.jar66.de

Aviation Web sites:

aircraft resources - aircraft related news, books and web resources.

Frety.NET - a web directory with homepage thumbnails

 UK: Airmech.co.uk  <>  avhome.com   <>  aviation-careers.net   <> World of Education
Inflatable Aircraft Maintenance Shelters www.jbroche.com  

SWISS: Nelly.ch
<> Commercial Jets Census <> SAMA

Germany / Austria : www.videolife.info    "aviation videos for pilots and more.."

  <>  Luftfahrt Links

BELGIUM:  Mustis Cafe - Aviation & Techniques       Aeronautic Support Engineers

FRANCE :   http://sitedr.free.fr/   <>    http://www.SNMSAC.com <>   http://laviation.free.fr

GREECE:  http://www.k-makris.gr/

Aviation Consulting etc. :


Bordverpflegung & Airline-Tests


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