What is the EASA part 66 licence and FAA A&P license!

Site CAT B1 & B2 is www.EASA66.info   
Site CAT-A is www.EASA66.online

Modules cost Euro 20 to Euro 70 depending on their size!

EASA part 66 modules in englisch, deutsch & franšais can be purchased for Euro 20 to 70 by creating an account, confirming the accounts email (it goes sometimes in the spam-mail), logging in and clicking on the module you want. Paypal opens the module immediately! Modules will be open for 180 to 200 days!  If you purchase several modules they may be extended!

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EASA part 66 exam preparation:

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Sample Exam Questions and Training Material are here!

Types of licence and syllabus for the modules are here!

The ideal complementary training to master your college / airline exams!
How to get your international  EASA66 part 66  licence.
You should work for an airline in maintenance,  subscribe for the respective modules on www.EASA66.com , study, study, study ....., apply for the exam at the CAA or other for the respective modules (your manager must stamp and sign a copy of your passport! - This is to prove that it is you who takes the exam!). 
When you have succeeded in all 13/14 modules at an approved exam place , you apply for the EASA66  licence and here you must prove your aviation maintenance work experience, which you have already documented and certified in a Work Log.  See work experience info  & documentation for the EASA part 66 licence!  

For English, German and French exam info and questions see here!   
Exam places info is here!    More licence information is here! 

There is no credit for A&P, ICAO other part 66 Licenses and Armed Forces fot the theory, but for work experience.  
Academic Grades (EU-member states) may give you credit for Mathematics & Physics.

The Coaching is being conducted by a registered firm! 
Otmar Bender      Tax Number  in Germany  021 805 32049 

Let me give you a quick run down of how my tuition works. 
The place of tuition is the Internet or respectively your home!  You let me know what are your strong, average and weak points in aviation theory of the syllabus of the modules. We will make together a plan of which modules to start with. Once you have decided what modules to start with,  you do not need to buy books to study.

If you like your own books, here are for reference e.g. from:


The systems contains now over  10,000 questions to practice for the Exam that you must take a UK - CAA office or any other exam place. I'll assist you with the application procedures etc.. So, all you have to do, is to study :) !    I really mean study! 

The EASA-66 is not a came, saw and victory thing! 

What to study?  Click on the modules of www.EASA66.com  to see what they expect you to know. There you can also  see samples of the quiz files and recommended books. Some valuable information is on my DISCUSSION BOARD on www.EASA-66.eu/BBS     My system consists of study aids, question data base and Brainstorm files with a lot of essentials to learn by heart, see for instance Diodes

www.EASA66.com  or  www.EASA-66.com  which are the current study sites!

On www.EASA66.info you can self-register and open modules immediately by PayPal payment!

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