For the EASA part 66 / JAR-66 licence you must write Essays!
2 Essays in Maintenance Practices which is module 7
1 Essay in Human Factors which is modul 9
1 Essay in Aviation Legislation

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Module 7 Essay Training_Euro 40

UK-CAA and all Part 66 licences also require you to write essays. A lot of excellent engineers failed on essays.

I'll make you fit for the essays by coaching.

What is an essay? Here are two samples for module 7

Detail the parts and components in an a/c bleed system between engine and airframe duct.
The engine has in general three bleeds that are used for various applications, high pressure, intermediate pressure and fan air bleed. High
pressure is connected to a high pressure shut off valve which has its own controller sensing pressure and temperature. This valve opens
when intermediate pressure is too low e.g. in idle. The intermediate air has a non return valve, so that high stage air cannot blow into the
engine. Both high and intermediate air are going to a pressure regulating valve, preecooler and a pressure regulating and shut off valve
(PRSOV) to the aircraft system. At this position air is tapped off for starting and engine anti icing through their respective valves. The
pree-cooler cools the air down and its valve the fan air valve opens in reference to temperature sensed downstream. The PRSOV
controller senses pressure, temperature and reverse flow and can shut the system off.  

Describe thrust reversal lock out, how it is archived and how pilot is informed.
Debrief pilot, ensure log entry has been made and check previous log entries. Check minimum equipment list (MEL) for dispatch
limitations. If dispatch is not acceptable repair as required. In case dispatch is allowed, lock affected thrust reverser out per maintenance
manual, Deactivate engine starting, ignition, air or hydraulic system and thrust reverser by pulling respective circuit breakers and install
warning placards. Thrust reverser deactivation is normally accomplished by stowing (if necessary manually), locking in stowed position
e.g. with locking bolts and deactivating the respective drive system e.g. deactivating pin in a hydraulic valve. Enter MEL deactivation on
deferred log page (ADD) and cross reference to tech log page number, enter work done and deactivation details in tech log and sign CRS.
Install inoperative placard adjacent to reverser light of deactivated thrust reverser. Pilot is normally informed verbally, by placard in
cockpit, ADD page, tech log page and e.g. red locking bolts in thrust reverser shells. 

These are essay samples. You must practice essays yourself or else you will fail the exam.

Just reading a prefabricated essay is not enough!

My system provides you with recent essay questions, background information.

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Sample essay questions:

Please descibe what EWIS is.   

The pilot reports a bird strike on number one engine. Please explain how to return the airplane to service.  
Highlights: Check for damage, borescope engine, if no damage, run engine. If damage replace engine or damaged section like fan.
Birdstrike reporting became mandatory in 2004 (MOR).   A fact most people woud forget without guidance!
CAA calls for improved bird identification following birdstrikes!  
  A fact most people would not know about!

Essay Training HowTo: Register -> confirm email (it goes sometimes into spam-directory) -> login -> select desired module ->PayPal opens the module immediately!

Module 7 Essay Training_Euro 40

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